Inspiring climbing doco where the guy who made Free Solo is in front of the camera a lot more. Maybe the order to watch them now is The Dawn Wall, Meru and then Free Solo.
Reviewed on December 31, 2020

Thunder Road

Relentless dark comedy that's like a car-crash that you can't look away from. Jim Cummings' face changes so much from second to second it's a joy to watch.
Reviewed on April 22, 2020

One Cut of the Dead

Japanese comedy horror I saw once on youtube before it got taken down. Might have to use the free trial of Shudder to watch it again.
Reviewed on May 26, 2020

Little Women

I was seeing it with fresh eyes as I've never watched or read it before. Not sure I'm part of the target demographic, but it was well made and it won me over in the end.
Reviewed on January 23, 2020


Constant tension makes for a remarkable movie, especially the first time through. Relatively wholesome too for a war movie. But can it hang on for my movie of the year? Long way to go, but early signs are promising.
Reviewed on January 10, 2020

Pain and Glory

Not sure Antonio Banderas' performance is particularly oscar nominee worthy. I liked the other guy better. The movie's fine though, maybe a bit slow.
Reviewed on February 4, 2020

The Peanut Butter Falcon

I loved it. It's a like a sequel to Mud, if the kid grew into Shia LaBeouf and met a guy with down syndrome. With a better ending it coulda been anything. And like Mud, it'll be better next time with subtitles.
Reviewed on February 4, 2020

A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood

Pretty slow and deliberate, it often felt kinda awkward. It does though have a good message and manages to be sweet without being overly so.
Reviewed on January 23, 2020

The Invisible Man

As a metaphor for battered women, it's probably good. As a high tech horror-ish movie, it's so ridiculous in parts not even Elisabeth Miss can save it. Wasted opportunity.
Reviewed on February 27, 2020

For Sama

Lucky for me it's so far removed from any reality I've experienced, I found it overpowering. The woman behind the camera was so gorgeous, but her camera work often wasn't, which makes it even harder to watch. Fantastic movie, but hard to enjoy.
Reviewed on February 18, 2020

Richard Jewell

Fascinating story and really well told. I dunno how much acting range Paul Walter Hauser will have in the future, but I think he deserved an oscar nomination for this.
Reviewed on February 18, 2020

The Lighthouse

For all it's artsy weirdness, I still thought it was gonna build to something special. But it just got worse and worse.
Reviewed on February 18, 2020

A Hidden Life

Film critics have to say they love it to be taken seriously, but I'd hate for any normal person to have to sit through it. Pace, length, camera angles, music, etc all seemed designed to put me to sleep. Might have succeeded for a few seconds here and there.
Reviewed on February 4, 2020


Beekeeping doco drama that's almost like it's from a forgotten time when people could be happy with very little. Amazing to see how fearless and durable the kids are.
Reviewed on July 14, 2020

The Personal History of David Copperfield

I liked the little flourishes in the way the story was told, but didn't feel like Dev Patel handled very well the comedy there could have been in it. Felt good to be back at the movies though!
Reviewed on July 12, 2020

The Way Back

The basketball bits are really good. The life bits are a bit much. It's very anti-alcohol, a stance I can't quite get behind.
Reviewed on March 6, 2020

Dark Waters

One of those you wouldn't believe it if it wasn't true type stories. It's a bit stretched out so that we can go through the struggle too, but it makes it a tad boring.
Reviewed on March 6, 2020

The Booksellers

It's like a collection of very similar short stories, when if it was called The Bookseller and had more of an arc I would've liked it better. I'd better publish at least one physical copy of Trivia Humph so these guys have got something to sell.
Reviewed on July 14, 2020

The Translators

French whodunnit where the twists were of the "If this ends up happening I'm gonna be upset" variety. And the character's name was Brach, not Bach like it kept saying in the subtitles. Sloppy translating!
Reviewed on July 28, 2020

The King of Staten Island

The first two thirds it had glimpes of a dramedy I'd enjoy, but it was like the comedy was too sad to laugh about and the drama was too stupid to cry about. The last third redeemed it enough for me to like it.
Reviewed on July 20, 2020

A White, White Day

It had some great moments, especially with the grand-daughter, but made too many choices that made me shake my head.
Reviewed on July 14, 2020

La Belle Epoque

It's like a French rom-com version of The Game or a prequel to Westworld when they were still using actors instead of robots. I think the idea was good, but both the rom and the com bits were lacking.
Reviewed on July 28, 2020


There's a great movie in there somewhere, but I felt like it was too quirky for it's own good. I wish it was made now so that the camera man would have had to take a step back.
Reviewed on July 28, 2020

Corpus Cristi

I wish it had have gone full blown feel-good uplifter, which it threatened to do at times. I mean if it's only based in part on a true story, maybe leave out some of the harsh parts instead.
Reviewed on October 18, 2020

Les Miserables

Nothing like the musical. It reminded me a lot of The Shield and Spiral, so it felt more like a pilot episode than a movie. It's a show I'd definitely keep watching though.
Reviewed on September 16, 2020

Bill and Ted Face the Music. 69 Dudes! Just kidding

So forced and over-acted. I was a massive fan of the first one, and it's made me question that.
Reviewed on September 10, 2020


It's pretty hard to judge on first viewing because it's so complicated. Has way too much exposition for you still not to know what's happening. Many very cool moments, but can be very loud and dramatic when it doesn't really deserve to be.
Reviewed on August 22, 2020

A Night at the Louvre : Leonardo da Vinci

I'd had a bit to drink before I went to The Louvre in real life, so I wanted to see what I'd missed out on. Some stuff that art lovers would find fascinating, seeing the works up close with no crowds, but almost put me to sleep.
Reviewed on October 19, 2020


Terrible movie, but a terrific performance from Vince Vaughn during the swap that made it bearable. It woulda been twice a good if they got a girl who could do a Vince Vaughn impression. Such a wasted opportunity.
Reviewed on December 11, 2020


Bit harsh in places to recommend, but I really liked it. The slow reveals, where you see what's happening before you know what's happening, were top notch.
Reviewed on November 28, 2020

The Comeback Trail

It's a throwback to when comedy was all telegraphed and predictable. If it was a tv show, they would have had a laugh track and I would have whinged about when it was used. The performances were so hammy it even made Morgan Freeman look bad.
Reviewed on November 13, 2020


I really liked Me and You and Everyone We Know because of it's awkward charm. This lost the charm through being so far-fetched, leaving it way too awkward. I had no confidence in their con artistry.
Reviewed on October 27, 2020

Baby Done

Nup. I'm glad I was the only one in the cinema so no-one else had to see it, but also so they couldn't hear how much I was swearing at it.
Reviewed on October 27, 2020


Well made and interesting, but a bit bleak for me. It's like a post-apocalyptic movie if they still had to find part time jobs. I'd vote for it for best quasi-doco, but not best picture that it's favourite to win.
Reviewed on December 29, 2020